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About John Cunningham

John Cunningham Mechanic

Hey, I’m John Cunningham, a Red Seal qualified Auto Service Technician with over twenty-five years experience working on classic cars, modern cars, ATVs, dirt bikes, and grass machinery.


  • Red Seal Qualified Mechanic
  • Writer at ATVfixed,, and and


  • County Cavan, Ireland


John Cunningham Qualified Auto Service Technician

John Cunningham Auto Service Technician Certification
  • Over 25 years of experience in vehicle maintenance and repair
  • Worked for General Motors Canada, Volvo, Volkswagen, Land Rover, and Jaguar dealerships
  • Ran a workshop in Ireland specializing in various equipment repairs, including cars, trucks, grass machinery, ATVs, and dirt bikes
  • Founder and mechanic behind ATVfixed


  • Over 20 years of personal experience as an ATV and dirt bike owner
  • Classic car collector
  • Archer (Compound bow)


  • Dedicated to empowering enthusiasts with knowledge and expertise to maintain and repair their machines
  • Aims to provide accessible, high-quality repair guidance to remote owners


John Cunningham is the driving force behind ATVfixed, an accomplished Red Seal qualified mechanic with over two decades of experience in the field. He has worked with prominent names in the automotive industry, including General Motors Canada, Volvo, Volkswagen, Land Rover, and Jaguar dealerships.

With a personal history of over two decades as an ATV and dirt bike owner, John understands the thrill and challenges that come with off-road adventures. He has made it his mission to empower fellow enthusiasts with the knowledge and expertise needed to maintain and repair their machines, even in remote locations.

John’s vision for ATVfixed goes beyond being just an online resource; it’s a trusted partner for owners who can access valuable guidance at their fingertips. His dedication to quality and access to mechanical knowledge defines the essence of